Why can’t every business be a passion project? | MS-RT
Malcolm Wilson at MS-RT

Why can’t every business be a passion project?

At MS-RT, we don’t just work with rally car legend Malcolm Wilson because he’s smart. We work with him because his love of motorsport and his dedication to engineering is nothing short of infectious.

And surely that’s the whole point of any business? If you don’t love what you do, if that passion isn’t there, then it won’t be felt by your customer.

At MS-RT, we don’t believe it’s enough to simply create sports styling that looks the part – we want to make sure that it stands apart from anything else. That’s where Malcolm’s insight and 40 years of solid motorsport experience give us a real edge.

Having secured seven FIA World Rally Championships, 62 victories, 264 podium and 272 consecutive points finishes to date – M-Sport Ltd is one of most successful motorsport outfits in the world. Who better to make sure that our MS-RT vehicles don’t just look cool – they drive like a dream too.

That's why MS-RT offers something quite unlike anything else. Our commercial vehicles are the sheer embodiment of the rally stage. From hand-built front fascias to pronounced side profiles, premium finishes to dramatic road presence, each MS-RT is carefully crafted to deliver an exceptional driving experience that every owner will love.


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