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MS-RT: The coolest vans around

Well yes, we know they are… but don’t just take our word for it!   

We spoke with a lucky new MS-RT owner, who works on site at the build of the brand-new MS-RT factory in Dagenham on why he chose an MS-RT. This is what Rob Deacon from HKJ Mechanical Ltd had to say. 

“We were in the market for new vans, Ford was always going to be a top choice for us as the reliability and toughness of a Transit is second to none.   

We’d been working on the new site for 6 months, having seen the factory take shape first-hand it was clear the craftmanship and level of attention to detail that goes into an MS-RT. They take pride in their vehicles which is a quality which really resonates with us. When you run your own business, you take every opportunity for self-promotion and want to make a standout first impression – so an MS-RT was the only option!  

It’s hard to miss a Ford Custom MS-RT, with their sporty road presence and bold colours it’s the perfect Transit to arrive on site in – talk about commanding attention!”  

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